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Install double glazing into your clients’ properties to help enhance their space considerably. We have a wide selection of products to choose from, so we are sure we have something for each of your home improvement projects. From tilt and turn windows to French casement windows, you can find a product that will match your requirements. Work with Worcester Trade Frames to increase the visual appeal, security and thermal comfort of your clients’ homes.


Our double glazing products come in a range of styles, so it is easy to install windows or doors that will suit your project. Each window or door has its own unique benefits and features, so it’s always best to take a look through our website and look up the options. Depending on the size, configuration or shape of the window, your clients can get an increase in bright light or ventilation in the room.

Bespoke Windows

We make it easy for your clients to design a bespoke double glazing product that suits their aesthetics and requirements. We offer a wide range of colour options, hardware and accessories so they can bring the finishing touches together. Whether they want to match their double glazing product to suit their Northampton home or create a unique feature, we can make this happen.

Weather Resistant Materials

All our materials are made with weatherproofing materials that help protect clients’ homes. With modern seals and internal trickle vents, our double glazing products are equipped with the resources to keep your clients’ properties safe from harsh weather conditions. These materials help keep water away from the home to prevent damage like dampness or mould. Your Northampton customers can have nice looking windows without being concerned about it being weak to the elements.

Multi Point Locking Systems

Security is one of our top focuses here at Worcester Trade Frames. We install highly secure locks onto our double glazing windows to keep your Northampton customers safe and protected from unwanted visitors. These locks include multi point locking systems and shoot bolts to provide a layer of protection to the property. Provide your customers with peace of mind by installing our high quality double glazing.

Market Leading Suppliers

To ensure you and your customers are getting the best quality that is on the market, we work with leading and trusted suppliers across the country. Each of our suppliers takes great attention to care to ensure that each double glazing product is up to high standards and will remain durable for years to come. Our products are the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetically pleasing so your clients can have the best of both worlds. We are sure that when you work with Worcester Trade Frames, you can provide your customers with an investment that is worthwhile.

Natural Light

Due to the small sightlines and wide double glazing, your Northampton customers can enjoy a stunning flow of natural light in their space. Any corner of the room will be brightened significantly and will feel spacious and fresh again. Instead of relying on their electric lights, these windows will be a natural source of light.

Colour Options

Glass Options

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Double Glazing Windows Northampton

At Worcester Trade Frames, we believe we are the perfect choice of supplier for your next home improvement project. Each of our products can transform any property significantly and provide it with multiple benefits. We offer a delivery service for installers and commercial projects for anyone within a 50-mile radius of our Worcester office. If you would prefer to collect in person, then that can be arranged. 


We have over 60 years of industry experience, so if you need any help throughout the process, feel free to get in touch.

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Our double glazing windows come in a range of configuration options, so they can provide your customers with a great amount of ventilation. Each window also has its own opening features, so if your customers are looking for a certain amount of access to fresh air, then browse through our website. For example, tilt and turn or sliding sash windows are perfect if your clients are looking to have control over how wide their double glazing windows go. 


double glazing northampton prices

Double Glazing Prices Northampton

Work with Worcester Trade Frames when you install double glazing windows into Northampton properties. You can contact us through our website by using our online contact form or by calling us at 01905 20555. Alternatively, you can use our online quoting engine and get a free personalised quote.

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Why Choose Us?

1 - Certass Approved

We are immensely proud of our Certass accreditation. We are supported by their scheme following a successful vetting period. They certify and approve the standard of service we are offering installers like yourself. You should have no doubts over our credibility as a window supplier to trade.

2 - Extensive Checking System

What makes our service unique is our five stage checklist. We enforce this to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and free of any manufacturing defects. Your double glazing windows will be checked on arrival of the frames, glazing and before the windows are made available to you.

3 - Fast Lead Times

We work with supply chains that ensure our products are available in less time that our competitors. Your products will still bespoke and made to order, but you won’t be waiting excessive amounts of time. You can install your double glazing windows on shorter lead times, leading to happier customers.


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