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Offering aluminium windows is a must for a modern home improvement specialist. We offer quality products made using a Smart profile. Aluminium windows deliver a heightened performance compared with uPVC and are a fantastic modern upgrade to offer your homeowners. They will benefit from enhanced thermal efficiency, acoustic insulation and visual appeal.

Slim Profile

Aluminium is naturally more robust than uPVC or timber. With this, our aluminium windows can be manufactured with a naturally slimmer profile, without compromising on structural rigidity of the window. Doing this allows more glazing to be fitted between the beads.

Thermally Broken

Our aluminium windows are thermally broken in design. This is where internal chambers are fitted, which aid the overall thermal performance and heat retention. Your customers will benefit from more energy efficient homes when you install these.

Glazing Options

Homeowners will get the option of a range of glazing thicknesses when you choose us. They can opt for 28mm double glazed panels or 36mm triple glazing with these Smart profiles. Both will deliver superb heat retention as well as UV glare protection during summer.

Espagnolette Locks

Our aluminium windows are fitted with modern locking systems. Multipoint in design, they protect the entire perimeter of the window, minimising the number of weak spots. When partnered with the durability of aluminium, your customers are left completely safe.


We fit high quality weatherseals to our aluminium windows. They ensure they achieve fantastically low water and wind permeability, which in turn protects the customer’s home. They will never need to worry about problems such as damp, mould or rotting from forming.


Being a casement frame, our aluminium windows are available in a range of different configurations. These Alitherm 300 windows can be made with both top and side hung panels. Your homeowners will get complete customisation when you choose Worcester Trade Frames.

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Longer Lasting Window Profiles

Aluminium windows come with a heightened lifespan compared with uPVC. Commission our supply service, and you can offer homeowners in your area longer lasting windows. They could potentially get a generation’s use from these aluminium profiles.

The material is fully weatherproof, meaning it will never rot or warp even under harsh rainfall. The external colour finish that the homeowner chooses will also never need varnishing or refinishing. The topcoats achieve this thanks to innovative polyester powder coating that prevents fading.

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Aluminium Windows Supply Service

Choose Worcester Trade Frames as we are the best aluminium windows supplier to receive a consistent supply of high quality windows. All products are made bespoke and can be collected from our trade counter. If you’re within 50 miles of our base in Worcester, you can also have your aluminium windows delivered by us.

Working with our friendly, experienced team will prove to be effortless and easy for you as the installer. We value the quality of service we offer and ensure that your products are exactly what your homeowner has ordered. You’ll never want to work with another trade supplier.

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Why Choose Our Services?

1 - Experienced Suppliers

We have been working in this industry for a long time. In fact, our team boast over six decades of experience in the double glazing field. This level of expertise allows us to have a keener eye for detail. You can rest assured you’ll be getting quality aluminium windows supplier for your business.

2 - Certass Supported

Worcester Trade Frames are accredited by Certass. Their job is to vet the standard of service that companies like ourselves are offering. Seeing their rubberstamp next to our name means you’re in safe hands with us. We can be relied on for an excellent supply of aluminium windows.

3 - Range of Products

We understand that not every homeowner can afford aluminium windows. With this, we offer the complete range of windows here at Worcester, which you can provide to your customers. We have the comprehensive uPVC collection as well as timber windows made from real wood.

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